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I've traveled all over the world, but I still had never been to Mexico, only dreamt about it ... and finally got to go in 2012.

The area was mesmerizing. It was a pure sensual experience, where everything seemed more interesting and exotic: the language, the food, the sunrise and sunset, even the very air itself.

These pictures illustrate the dream-like feel I enjoyed there, the hazy mornings that began in pastel washes, only to explode in vivid color in the afternoon sun. Mexico is alive through her colors - every direction I turned was a visual delight, aided by the use of murals and painted surfaces.

And what isn't painted, doesn't need to be: Nature has a way of presenting herself with utmost delicacy and precision, combined with an abundance that sometimes threatens to overwhelm.

A beach made of sand and rocks is an endlessly changing canvas of arrangement; while vines overcome with heavenly flowers cover the walls and fences on every street, as though they had anticipated your arrival. All you have to do is walk around and enjoy, while Nature displays her finest creations, her works of art.

The beach towns in Mexico were everything I had dreamt them to be – or rather, that my dreams were finally catching up to my waking world, like whispers growing into shouts ... telling me that my dreams are alive and breathing ... and just waiting patiently until I find them ...